Progsheet - A Few Words With...Mandy Majestic

Interview by John A. Wilcox

Once again I head North of the border to Canada. That's where we find gorgeous BBW Mandy Majestic. Look at that beautiful face! That beautiful...everything! You've seen her in action on sites like JuggMaster and PlumperPass, but now she's got a spanking new re-imagined site - Progsheet sipped tea with her most scrumptious Majesty...

PS: Where were you born?

MM: I was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

PS: Are large breasts hereditary in your family?

MM: The women in our family are busty, but that's more an Italian thing. They are not like me however. I have hypertrophy of the breast known as macromastia / gigantomastia. It's a rare medical condition of the breast connective tissues.

PS: How important is your Italian heritage to you?

MM: I love being Italian and regret that I never learned the language . I One day hope to visit Italy.

PS: What age were you when you passed a C cup?

MM: Grade 6, so about 11.

PS: What was the reaction of your schoolmates?

MM: I was lucky to be a strong member of the "popular kids" so teasing did not really occur. Had I not been a part of the group I was in I'm sure there would have been a lot of teasing. However I did find that I attracted the attention of males in general including boys my age as well as men. I did find that because of this it did spark a lot of jealousy in other girls.

PS: What do you enjoy most about living in Canada?

MM: Free health care lol. I personally prefer our politics and I do find that in general people stop to smell the roses, are patient, kind and polite. Everywhere you go there are exceptions to this rule but for the most part I find this to be true. Also the amount of open land we have and the views are beautiful. However the weather sucks! lol

PS: In your teens / early twenties, what were your interests (other than men)?

MM: My teens was roller skating, movies, hanging out with friends, Nintendo, the Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, and underage drinking! lol As for my twenties, I'm still in them. lol

PS: At what point did you first consider getting into adult entertainment?

MM: During a pregnancy I was approached to do softcore pregnancy fetish / modeling. After that I was a BBW / plumper and started with softcore BBW modeling on my site for some other companies, and on webcam. In 2012 after long consideration I was curious and felt it was time to start on my hardcore career. I did my first hard core shoot with Christianxxx for my website and my 1st professional hardcore shoot was for Since then I've remained doing softcore, hardcore and have branched out into more fetish as well.

PS: How did you come to choose the name Mandy Majestic? Was it your first adult name?

MM: No my first name was Amanda Majestic however my webmaster at the time was a real bitch. Her name was Kymber Daydreams I believe and she owned a company / site called Sinsual Daydreams. Unfortunately she took advantage of a lot of girls and made money off us that we never saw. Just left a bad taste in my mouth but also taught me a lot about looking out for myself in this industry. I do think a lot smarter now and make sure I always know what I'm getting into. Because she was such a bitch, she refused to let me use the name. She said that because we thought of it together she owns part of it and I cannot use it, so I had to change it. I knew what she was saying was bullshit but I just didn't want to have to fight with her. I was done. When I came back I was still wanted to keep the name similar so I just changed a little bit.

PS: What about phasing over to hardcore first attracted you?

MM: It was new and exciting. I wanted to do it for a long time but I held off for two reasons. Mostly it was a business decision and secondly was because I was scared.

PS: What aspects of hardcore were you afraid of?

MM: I had heard a lot about the industry that scared me. Since joining the hard core scene I've learned it all to be true. However if you're smart you can avoid all of it.

PS: What do you feel sets you apart from other women in the business?

MM: My body is very unique there are very few girls that have a body like me. I have a big butt, big belly, and big boobs where a lot of the BBWs nowadays generally only have one or two of those features. As for why I have such a large fan base I have no clue but I love what I do and I'm happy that they do too. I say keep loving me and I'll keep loving you. lol All in all I think it boils down to the fact that I'm hot shit and I have a great personality, killer confidence and captivating eyes. haha The boobs also help a lot.

PS: What was your reasoning behind getting the Playboy tattoo on your breast?

MM: Funny question, for everyone asks. I was 16 when I got it. I was drunk and determined that one day I would be a Playboy model now I guess I just have to hold out for a chance that Playboy will do a BBW anything! lol

PS: You point out that Playboy doesn't feature BBWs. Do you encounter that sort of denial that BBWs are just as gorgeous as any other woman in your daily life?

MM: Yes but I think we live in a modern day world that for the most part realizes and accepts that people are entitled to their individual personal choices. In fact when girls or guys say BBWs are just as pretty as any skinny girl and that any one who disagrees is an ass. I always shake my head. It's all in the eye of the beholder and it makes no sense why some can't look at a BBW and say WOW! she's just as hot as my gf! It's because that's not what he's attracted to. Just like a true fat admirer would say the same thing about a skinny girl. We all have our personal preferences. Even I look at men and can see the different levels of attraction to different body types. Yet most girls have the opposite taste in men than mine. lol So I guess to an extent I experience it but I also accept it and support it.

PS: What size are your breasts currently?

MM: 42K - 42L depending on the bra.

PS: How difficult is it to find properly fitting, comfortable bras?

MM: Almost all my bras are too small . The ones that fit right don't allow enough cleavage and are often ugly bras. So I usually wear a 42H - 42J as they're prettier and look better even if they don't fit properly. There's boobs hanging out the bottom that you can't see. Break all the time and little support because they look better. haha Which reminds me - I currently have a lot a broken busted out bras for sale for my boob loving fans.

PS: What are your personal limits? What sort of scenes do you refuse to do?

MM: I won't do anything that makes me feel uncomfortable or unsafe. Anal, gangbangs. DP is a big one people wanna see. I don't do it yet but I will when I feel the time has come .

PS: How conscious are you of creating a brand for yourself?

MM: My brand is very important to me. Underneath the brand we are just human. My brand is my livelihood so I'm very business savvy, picky with the work I do and what scenes I do, with who etc.

PS: Do most of your fans come from any particular country?

MM: Most are the USA ( horny Americans lol).

PS: What percentage of your fans are women? Do they want to see any different sorts of scenes then men do?

MM: For both questions I have no idea, but I do get fan mail from women expressing their admiration more so than trying to hit on me.

PS: You recently joined the crew at BODaciousXStudios with a new website. Why did you choose them?

MM: Yes I did. I have had some bad experiences in the past with web teams from not paying, scamming , to being lazy, not being a team player or simply just not being able to work together as a team. I'm hoping this time will be different and have very high hopes. I worked with them on another project and was very happy with what I saw. During my time with them I fell in love. Their different team members bring different things to the table with nicely rounds the team. I believe in our team and am very excited about the new design , set up and re-launch of

PS: What are you offering fans on this site that you've not done before?

MM: Before I focused on mostly softcore and hardcore but as I grow I'm learning I really am enjoying a lot more fetish. So you will now get 2 sites in 1. There will be the fetish side of the site and then the hardcore / softcore side of it. Right now we will be doing weekly updates and I soon hope to step that up to 2x per week. Also we will be introducing contest for the site witch I will announce on my Twitter @mandymajestic , my facebook Mandy Campanile or my blog which will be available to view from my website!! Lots of new changes and we will be introducing many more guest models!

PS: There are a zillion fetishes out there. Which ones will the site focus on?

MM: Oh at this point I couldn't say lol. I'm very open minded and am still learning so much about myself and the world of fetish. I guess you will just have to tune in and see what killer fetishes I'll be working on!

PS: How important a role do fans have in determining the content you photograph & film?

MM: I always welcome suggestions and I know based on my sales what is selling and what's not as much.

PS: You're doing a "Tour" with several other BBWs. How did this idea come about & what will you be doing on the tour?

MM: Well it's with 2 of my best friends in the industry Lexxxi Luxe and Bella Bendz so to spend time together was a no brainer. Our fans love meeting us especially as a tag team / together. lol So we decided where we wanted to go ( Europe) and said let's bring the fun to them!! Now we are also available to book pretty much anywhere in the world and you can book any one of us by emailing and we will travel to you!! One of our awesome fans did just that and next month me and Lexxxi will be in Toronto.

PS: Where would you like to take your career & your site that you've not done yet?

MM: Well I'm starting to branch out into Japan so that's cool!! But the sky is the limit and my goal is just to climb as long as I can!! I am not going anywhere!!

PS: Since my site covers lots of music, please tell me 6 albums you love listening to.

MM: Fav artists are:
Marianas Trench
Michael Jackson
Sam Smith
Secondhand Serenade
Justin Bieber (I know, get over it! lol)
But all time fav song is Always by Bon Jovi


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