Track By Track: MoJo - Urgent Delivery

By John A. Wilcox

MoJo is the duo of guitarist Mauarice Douglas and bassist Jon Camp. Douglas recently toured with the UK iteration of Wishbone Ash and Camp of course made his mark with years of composing, playing, and singing with Renaissance. Urgent Delivery is a category-defying instrumental album that sees both players in top form. Lots of memorable work by both gentlemen. Join Maurice and Jon as they take us track by track...

Track 1: 45 RPM
MD: The original idea for 45 RPM came from the first ever single I purchased which was Hot Love by T Rex, the love affair with the unique sound of vinyl records, and the wonderful artwork.

Track 2: Desert Beauty
MD: The original idea for Desert Beauty came from a favourite film starring James Stewart and Richard Attenborough, called The Flight Of The Phoenix. Ronald Fraser looks into the desert darkness and is mesmerised by a beautiful dancer.

Track 3: LIBA
JC: This stands for Let It Be Art and was an idea that I had for my wife Jan's FB page where she shares her artwork with her friend Pam (Jan has done the artwork for the album cover). The idea has been expanded into a much longer piece, giving a very dreamy feel together with some interesting musical twists and turns.

Track 4: Urgent Delivery
MD: Urgent Delivery is a fast moving track which was composed during the Christmas parcel delivery rush, always on the go! As does the music suggest!

Track 5: Icarus
MD: The son of Daedalus who to escapes imprisonment flies by means of artificial wings but falls into the sea and drowns when the wax of his wings melts as he flies too near the sun.

Track 6: Raga In D
MD: This track was composed during experimentation of Indian Percussion “Native Discovery Series.” Ragas are patterns of notes but are different to a Western scale or melody.

Track 7: Towards The Sky
JC: This was initially a jingle that I started to write but soon realised that it was worth more than that. The use of acoustic guitars played in three part harmony and the use of a Mini Moog patch work really well here to drive the melody home.

Track 8: Something Out Of This World
MD: We all remember our first experience on an aeroplane way up in the clouds and basically in another world and space. Hence the title Something Out Of This World.

Track 9: Winged Messenger
MD: Mercury: the Winged Messenger. Known as the "winged messenger of the Gods who carries an Urgent Delivery."

Track 10: Mods & Rockers
MD: With the film Quadrophenia in mind and remembering the local Fairground this track brings back the mood of the mid 60s and early 70s.

Track 11: Rhapsody For Bouncer
MD: I've had the front part of this for a couple of years and it was written when my darling cat Bouncer passed away at the age of twenty-one. The whole piece is trying to portray the various moods that a cat goes through in it's day: from sleep to chasing it's tail round the garden! Apart from the drums everything else on this track was played by various bass guitars!


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