Progsheet After Hours - A Few Words With...Peyton Thomas, Part 1

Interview by John A. Wilcox

I first came across Peyton Thomas early in 2015. Unbelievably huge, beautiful breasts - about an N or an O cup. Gorgeous face with a twinkle in her eyes and a million dollar smile. We talked online & chatted on the phone many times. I was taken by how very down to Earth she was. Very unpretentious. Nice person. We started up an interview in late Spring and all was going well. For unknown reasons, she just stopped answering questions in June as we were 2/3 of the way done with the interview. Here we are in November and not a peep. I decided her fans would enjoy what we did so far, so here it is! Let's all hope this remarkable girl decides to give us all Part 2!...

PS: Where were you born?

PT: I was born in a small town in Georgia. Moved to California and then to Michigan when I was older. I grew up in Michigan.

PS: What were your main interests as a young kid/pre-teen?

PT: I played a lot of sports when I was younger. I played baseball because I wanted to play with the boys but as I got older I switched to softball. I also played a lot of soccer and volleyball. I played basketball for one year when I was 14, but after I gave myself a black eye from hitting myself in the eye with my boob, I quit. I did cheerleading for a couple of years too. I wrote and drew a lot as a teen also.

PS: How important were creative interests like art or music in your early teens?

PT: They were very important to me. It was a great outlet for my feelings, as well as something I did to pass time.

PS: How old were you when you first passed a D cup?

PT: I don't remember the exact age I was when I passed a D cup. I remember wearing a B cup bra for the longest time because my mom wouldn't get me a new bra. I knew I was way bigger than a B, because I popped out like crazy on the sides, bottom, and top. When my mom and dad got a divorce, I moved in with him and he took me bra shopping. I was in 8th grade and turned out I was a DDD! I had been wearing a B cup the entire time!

PS: Did your mom ever give you a reason for not wanting you to have a bigger bra, or was it pure economics?

PT: She never even thought I should wear one. I started wearing one in 3rd grade. I remember telling her I needed one and she told me it was just baby fat. Then when I was at school one day, I was running in the hallway and the teacher stopped me and told me I needed to get a bra. I told her "Well you can write a note home to my mom because she won't take me?" And so she did, and then my mom took me to get sized and I was a B cup. After that, she just didn't want to spend more money on them.

PS: Do large breasts run in either side of your family?

PT: I'm adopted but yes both my nana and birth mother had large breasts. Neither one got as large as me, but they were bigger.

PS: What is the background of your families?

PT: I am Polish and German. That's all, as far as I know.

PS: What was the reaction of your classmates & friends to your breasts? Positive / negative / or both?

PT: In the beginning it was alright. The generation that I went to school with in elementary school didn't care. Didn't really notice I was different. No one really knew what boobs were. lol
Middle school I started getting a lot of attention from guys. I didn't really think anything of it, because my friends had started growing boobs too. I definitely noticed I was treated different by the guys. When I went out in public, grown men would stare at me. At school, all the older guys wanted me. Which led me to losing my virginity at 14. The girls on the other hand, were mean. Especially in high school. They were jealous and I was bullied a lot.

PS: What, if anything, helped you get past the bullying?

PT: Definitely sports and art. Music helped a lot too. It kind of just helped me cope.

PS: This seems like a good time to talk a bit about art. I saw a few charcoal pieces by you & I was impressed. At what age did the need to do art connect inside you?

PT: I'm not sure. I've always been a writer. I remember in art class I would work extra hard on projects. It helped me get my mind off stuff by concentrating hard. Then I started sketching in my free time. I was horrible at first but I watched a lot of how to draw tutorials on Youtube.

PS: Is charcoal your only medium?

PT: Yes, it is the only I use. I've tried painting but I'm no good at it. Doesn't smear the way I like.

PS: What does art bring you that nothing else does?

PT: Art is an escape. I didn't have the best childhood so it helps me think about other things as well as getting my feelings out. Not to mention I enjoy doing it. It's something I'm good at, and that in itself is a great feeling.

PS: You mentioned that you used to write. What sort of writing? Also, do you still write?

PT: I do like to write. I write poetry, as well as some short stories. I haven't written as much lately but I do enjoy writing once in a while.

PS: What led to your decision to get into the adult biz?

PT: I actually started camming when I was 17. I had run away from home, and needed a way to get money. I met a girl who had been camming since she was 18. She had also toured with BangBros for a brief time. When I met her, she was 22 I believe. She showed me the ropes as far as camming went. That became my backup plan always, when I needed money. Shortly after I turned 18, I was with a man who had a belly fetish. He was the first guy that I had met with that sort of thing. I never realized how big of a business there was for women my size. I was just used to attention for the pure size of my boobs. so we decided to post a picture of boobs on 4chan, to see peoples reactions. And it bloomed. Of course I had negative responses, as well as good but I was amazed at how much attention I was getting. For those of you who know 4chan, we posted it in the random section. It was front page for about 4 hours. which apparently is a lot of the random page, because people post constantly. I told another friend about it, and he said I should try Reddit, and I'd get a better reaction from people off there. a more positive one anyway. So I did, and Yesboobs messaged me a few times on there asking me to model for them. I agreed, and started looking up more places I could model for. Scoreland was one of them obviously, and things have just bloomed from there!

PS: Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Niteflirt was the first place you appeared. Why did you choose it?

PT: Two reasons I chose Niteflirt. 1- That's where the girl who taught me the ropes first started. It seemed like a good place to learn. 2- they never ID'd me. Hence why I started when I was 17.

PS: How long did it take you to get a reaction & start building a following?

PT: Well Reddit blew up fast. I never really followed social media much. I had made a Twitter early on in my camming career, but never used it. After my shoot with Plumper Pass in March I logged back on. I was amazed at how many people were talking about me, following me, wanting to know more about me. I wasn't aware because I never logged on. It's been great since, though.

PS: How did all the attention effect you emotionally & psychologically?

PT: It can definitely be overwhelming sometimes. Some days it's like, "okay yeah I have huge boobs. get over it." It's harder in my personal life because more people seem to be recognizing me every day. It's especially hard finding a boyfriend. Not many men are okay with what I do. Understandably so, but it still gets frustrating. I can't exactly lie about it either. So it can be tough and rewarding at the same time.

PS: Any downside to it in those early stages?

PT: The downside is getting started. There will be times I'll have a lot of people who want to shoot with me, and want custom pics. Then there will be times where its dead. It can be quite frustrating.


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