A Few Words With...Rebecca Love

by John A. Wilcox

Bikini Pirates, Camp Cuddly Pines Powertool Massacre, Cleavagefield, and The Hills Have Thighs all feature the undeniable talents of Rebecca Love. Smart and sassy, she owns any scene she's in. All wrapped up in a pulchritudinous package that's a gift to eyes all over the planet! I contacted Ms Love about doing an interview and was delighted when she agreed! Here then is the one and only Rebecca Love...

PS: Where in NY were you raised?

RL: I grew up in upstate NY in the Adirondacks.

PS: What was the best aspect of living in upstate NY?

RL: I am a country girl so the best aspect is the great outdoors.

PS: Do you come from a creative family?

RL: I am the only one in the family that is a little touched by the arts.

PS: What entertainment was capturing your imagination as a child?

RL: Honestly, I really donít know what captured my imagination because we used ours when growing up. We played a lot of pretend.

PS: When did you first realize you were interested in becoming an entertainer?

RL: When I did the senior play in high school. I enjoyed the monologue I did but hated memorizing the script so I ad-libbed my ass off.

PS: You say "we" pretended a lot. Do you have siblings?

RL: I have siblings, cousins and many friends.

PS: What was the high school play that you did the monologue in?

RL: It was different monologues that the students had to rehearse. I donít remember the actual play/skit.

PS: Did you have any dramatic training after high school?

RL: I went to college for performing arts.

PS: What led to you transitioning from NY to FL? What was the appeal?

RL: My GF was going to Florida and we went together for an adventure which I enrolled in school down there and started my new life. NY was bitter cold and I wanted the tropical weather and beach paradise.

PS: What was the most applicable lesson you learned in college?

RL: Never book your classes in the morning.

PS: Why no morning classes?

RL: Because of the activities the night before. I was a social butterfly and still am.

PS: How long did you remain in Florida?

RL: 7 years I lived in Florida.

PS: Why did you leave Florida and where did you move next?

RL: I left Florida because my friend asked me to join her in Houston. I left Houston and relocated to LA for the movies.

PS: What was your first paying work as an actress?

RL: I never pursued auditions because I was still going to school and working full time. So, my first paid gig was in the Adult Movies. I remember the first company I worked for was Vivid Video.

PS: What first interested you about the adult industry?

RL: It was easy and the money was great. I got to do what I love and travel around the world. My favorite thing about the Adult Industry itís brutally honest. Once you do porn you have the freedom to be who you are without secrets.

PS: Where were you working while in school?

RL: Score Keepers. It was a sports bars in Florida. I loved that job.

PS: How did you come to hook up with Vivid Video? How did they come to notice you?

RL: I found an agency in Los Angeles that dealt with Vivid. Vivid liked my look and booked my first scene. After my first scene they kept booking me because I was on time and could memorize lines.

PS: You say you have the freedom to be yourself without secrets. How do you see yourself?

RL: I see myself as a happy charismatic and adventurous individual who is outgoing and lives in her beautiful bubble.

PS: A boob-related question: all natural or enhanced?

RL: You can ID this body by the serial numbers on my bags. Yes, enhanced.

PS: What do you feel you bring to porn that is unique?

RL: I think everyone is unique in this business because itís you own personal brand. I am unique because I am the only me unless there is a doppelganger out there I am not aware of. When it comes to improv I think that is where I shine.

PS: While slighting no one, do you have any fave folks to work with?

RL: I love working with Ginger Lynn (legend), Evan Stone, Frankie Cullen, Christine Nguyen, Kylee Nash, Joclyn Stone and so many more.

PS: Are there any things you won't do in film?

RL: I am not great with fetish. So, I usually pass those projects over to Joclyn Stone.

PS: On the other side of that, is there anything you'd like to do in film that you've yet to do?

RL: Voiceover work for animation or something on that level.

PS: How big / small is the adult film community?

RL: It is a large community but a small family circle. There are close friendships that consider themselves family units within the community of the industry.

PS: Is everything strictly work for hire / single pay or do you get residuals?

RL: Depends on what you have negotiated in your contract. The majority of Adult Film Stars get paid per scene or a day rate for soft-core projects.

PS: How long is an average shoot? I just watched Sexipede! the other day - how many days shooting was that?

RL: Feature films 10 - 12 hour days. That movie only took 4 days to shoot but the days were 16 hours.

PS: How important is the internet to your career?

RL: Without the Internet I would be brokeÖLoL

PS: What projects are you currently working on?

RL: BMovieFilms, Adult Film Star Network and working on my stand-up comedy routine.

PS: What do you most enjoy about podcasts?

RL: Editing. I love after a show is recorded and putting the pieces together to form a story from beginning to end.

PS: What do you feel draws women to your work & how do they differ from your male fans (other than gender!)?

RL: I would think it has to do with having the freedom of sexuality and owning who we are. I am not sure how many female fans I have but I do know I have many male viewers and men are simple creatures which I enjoy because I get their visual minds.

PS: Are there any directors or talent that you've yet to work with but would love to?

RL: Do Michael Bay or Steven Spielberg count? ÖLoL

PS: What, for you, must a great script have?

RL: I love shooting cheesy b-movie films because of the amazing people on set. I canít stand when people take themselves too seriously. So, a great script for me only counts if I have to watch the film.

PS: Please tell me 6 CDs you love listening to.

RL: Do people still listen to CDsÖ.LoL
1. Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon
2. Enigma - Love Sensuality Devotion
3. Foreigner - Greatest Hits
4. Journey - Greatest Hits
5. NIN - Pretty Hate Machine
6. Nickelback - Greatest Hits


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