Progsheet After Hours - A Few Words With...Samanta Lily

Interview by John A. Wilcox

Samanta Lily is a Russian WMD: Weapon Of Mass Distraction. She has been blessed with an incredible body and a heavenly face. We faced some challenges with language, but we both did our very best for you! Here's our conversation...

PS: Where were you born?

SL: I was born in Russia.

PS: What do you enjoy most about Russia?

SL: I enjoy all of the good people there.

PS: How did where you were born & raised effect your outlook on life?

SL: My outlook on life is totally different than people's from the West. In my location I have learned not to give up and always stay calm.

PS: How is that different from other Westerners you know?

SL: Well.... the Westerners are more insidious and dishonest I think. Not all people, but part. I know some Westerners who are very nice and kind people.

PS: At what age did you pass a C cup?

SL: I think at 12.

PS: What was the reaction of your schoolmates to your breasts?

SL: All of the boys at school tried to grab and touch my tits. I was hiding from them in the toilet.

PS: Do big boobs run in the family?

SL: All of the women in my family have big tits, but not as big as mine. I don't know why I am so big.

PS: How big are your breasts currently?

SL: Size 34J.

PS: What has been the thing you enjoy most about having such huge breasts?

SL: I enjoy the fact that my man is crazy about my big boobs.

PS: Are there any bad sides to having large breasts?

SL: Yeah. Back pain, problems with the bras and clothes, inconvenience in sports, etc.

PS: What was the first adult film you ever saw?

SL: I don't remember.

PS: Where were your first topless photos published & how old were you?

SL: On I was 26.

PS: Now that you have some experience under your belt, what is the biggest lesson you've learned about the adult industry?

SL: Not to trust people and to be very strict.

PS: What has been the most rewarding aspect so far of posing nude?

SL: The most rewarding is my website

PS: I saw that you've gotten braces. Why did you make that decision?

SL: Because of my look. All public people have to think about their look and mostly of their teeth.

PS: What will people find on your website that they won't see of you on any other site?

SL: People will see lots of boobie action in my website. Fake cum scenes. And they won't see any hardcore scenes or pussy play in there.

PS: How do your fans add to your life?

SL: I don't meet my fans in real life. But maybe someday I will meet them.

PS: What artists and bands do you most enjoy listening to?

SL: Depends of the mood. When I am in a good mood, I listen to Skrillex. I love Deep House Music.

PS: How often are you recognized when you're out in public?

SL: NEVER! I am not popular in Russia.

PS: What are your goals for the future?

SL: For now I am saving money for a big house. My goals are: A big house, 3 kids, and to be healthy and happy all my life!


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